To maintain our association and members’ credibility as professionals, we require our members to submit their professional development & supervision to ensure they have met their membership obligations for the year.  

To streamline the submission process for our members, we have designed a template which you can access by clicking the button below.  

The ongoing professional development requirements are: 

  • 15 OPD points 
  • 5 hours Professional Supervision per annum  

Professional Development & Supervision submission form

Professional Evidence Submission
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Maximum upload size: 2.1MB
Maximum upload size: 2.1MB

Professional Development & Supervision submission Point Table

Event Description Points for AACAD Approved Event Points for non approved AACAD Approved Event 
Online training program: No less than one hour and no more than six hours, with assessment. Must provide certificate of completion/attendance with assessment 5 Points 3 Points 
Online training program: Duration of six hours or more. Must provide certificate of completion/attendance with assessment 5 Points 6 Points 
Workshop: Duration of no less than 90 minutes and no more than six hours or one day. Must provide Certificate of Attendance. 5 Points 3 Points 
Workshop: Duration of more than one day. Must provide Certificate of Attendance. 5 Points 6 Points 
First Aid Certificate course for private health provider number certificate must be provided (yearly CPR is not included) 6 Points N\A 
Conference: Duration of no less than six hours and no greater than one Day. Must provide certificate of attendance. 6 Points 3 Points 
Conference: Duration of not less than two days. Must provide certificate of attendance. 12 Points 6 Points 
Courses and qualifications: See notes page 2 8 Points/Unit 5 Points/ Unit 
A Imparting knowledge related to community service through formal presentations, peer reviewed research and publications. Supporting documents must be supplied. Imparting knowledge as a lecturer/tutor in an educational environment ie. University, College, School, TAFE or RTO is not considered OPD. Maximum 8 points per membership year N\A 

Need a hand with submitting your professional development?