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There is no requirement for a community worker to be a member of any association However,

When you join THE Australian Association of Community, Aged and Disability Workers you are joining a community of Community service Professionals

AACAD is a professional organisation dedicated to advocating for and on behalf of community workers and their clients nationwide. We represent the interests of both the public and our members, acting as an intermediary body for both parties.

Our organisation believes in maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders and advocating for fair outcomes for all.

Member professional indemnity and public liability insurance​

We are pleased to announce that AACAD has partnered with MME Australasia Insurance Services to support our member’s insurance and risk management requirements.

We have negotiated the most feature-packed and affordable package that is exclusive to AACAD Members  

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We are committed

To our organisational objectives

Advocate for the community service profession

We aim to provide support for our members and advocate for their advancement within the community service profession. As advocates, we will endeavour to raise awareness of and promote the community service profession and make the public aware of our base of reputable community workers.  

Represent its members to government and industry

We aim to liaise with the government and relevant industry bodies as representatives of our members. We will endeavour to act as a unified voice on behalf of our community workers when liaising with external bodies.

Establish and oversee codes of ethical practice

We aim to ensure that our Code of Ethics & Practice is consistently up to date with current professional community service standards. Where problems or gaps are identified within the Codes, we will endeavour to update them to ensure we maintain a high standard of conduct and practice among our members.  

accredited courses for community workers

We aim to stay up to date with recognised and authentic accreditations undertaken by community workers and our members.

Establish appropriate training standards for the profession

We aim to set, maintain, and monitor professional community service standards to ensure that all members are confident and competent in their abilities as they undertake community service services.  

Assist members with employment and Professional development

We aim to make members aware of any arising opportunities for networking and professional development within the industry, whether through AACAD or externally.  

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AACAD Code of Conduct

We have developed a code of ethics for community workers

The code of conduct has been developed to ensure the highest levels of professionalism within the AACAD community. 

The code of conduct for the AACAD members covers the scope of work for community workers, the core principles of being a community worker and outlines overall behaviours to be exhibited via the members.  

It is a community effort to ensure that the code of conduct is adhered to. By our members obeying the code of conduct, the wider community service industry reporting members who contravene the code, and through the mitigating role we play, we can improve the standards and practice within the community service profession.

Complaints will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The conduct of the member will go before a tribunal who will define a ruling and if appropriate punishment for the member. Ultimately we are here to ensure the smooth running of the industry would like to reach agreements between the defendant and the complainant.  

we want our community workers

To have the best and most up to date knowledge

Recommendations on courses to get you qualified as a community worker

If you are a practising professional, you may want to expand your skills via professional development. AACAD has engaged with leading education providers that can provide our members with high quality courses to further their professional knowledge.

Get access to up to date resources and newsletters

We have a range of professional resources that you can use to amplify your knowledge and career. Specially crafted for the community service industry, these cover many fascinating topics.

leadership and professional mentor Support

We offer online mentorship to our members. A mentor can help you to grow your skills, make better decisions and gain new perspectives on your life and career. We offer this service to our members to ensure they have up to date information.

Member professional indemnity and public liability insurance

AACAD is negotiating with Insurance Services to support our members insurance and risk management requirements.

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Members Newsletter

We are currently developing a newsletter for AACAD members. Our newsletter will provide members with updates regarding what we’re up to at AACAD, as well as any relevant industry updates that may provide insight or new opportunities.

Professional Development Opportunities

We will frequently update our website with new and exciting opportunities for professional development and advancement. We plan to build upon our site resources to keep our members in the loop about arising opportunities for growth.

Online Member Forum & Social Media

Members will have easy ways to communicate with each other and get in touch about AACAD, the industry, and careers. Our member forum can be used to discuss relevant issues. We also encourage members to use our social media to connect with like-minded members and make industry connections.

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